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Cembal d'amour Cd 105, Henryk Szeryng Violin/ Mindru Katz, Piano

BRAHMS: Sonata in D minor,  Op. 108, Allegro


CD 105
Henryk Szeryng, Violin
Mindru Katz, Piano

BRAHMS: Sonata for piano and violin in D minor, Op. 108

FRANCK: Sonata for piano and violin in A major

Total playing time: 53:06

Price $13.50

"It is hard to be objective about this recording because the intimacy of the playing draws me so deeply into the music. Szeryng and Katz draw out phrases, filling every segment of every second with beauty and meaning. Their phrases are astoundingly long and extraordinarily interesting...It is interesting to compare it with Szeryng wonderful 1960 recording of the Brahms Sonata with Rubinstein (RCA). Though I love the RCA recording, I find that Szeryng's recording with Katz goes even deeper. It is simply unlike anything else.
This is a very special recording."

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