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Cembal d'amour CD 114, Simon Barere, Piano

LISZT: Dance of the Gnomes

LISZT: Liebestraume

CD 114
Simon Barere, Piano

The Last Recording Sessions

LISZT: Faust Waltz, after Gounod 
LISZT: Dance of the Gnomes 
LISZT: Liebestraume 
CHOPIN: Scherzo Op.39, No. 3, in C-sharp minor 
LISZT: Petrarch Sonnet No. 104 
LISZT: Paganini Etude No. 3, "La Campanella" 
CHOPIN: Ballade Op. 23, No. 1, in G minor 
LISZT: Concert Etude No. 2, "La Leggierezza" 
LISZT: Valse Oubliée No. 1 
LISZT: Réminiscences de Don Juan, after Mozart 

Total playing time: 64:05

Price: $13.50

“Barere is an Anton Rubinstein in one hand, and a Liszt in the other.”
Alexander Glazunov

“Pianism in its highest estate was heard from Simon Barere, who enthralled his large audience with a display of overwhelming artistry at his recital last night in Carnegie Hall. Truly a giant of the keyboard, Mr. Barere provided a series of performances which were not only marvels of technical skill, but equally remarkable from the stand point of tone color and poetry...The speed and evenness of the octaves, the uncanny facility of the ‘quasi glissandi’ thirds and sixths, not to mention the supreme command of all the other technical problems involved, resulted in one of the most amazing feats of pianism heard in this city in many a year.”
Noel Straus
The New York Times (Nov. 20, 1949)

Cembal d'amour CD/DVD 124, Siom & Boris Barere, Father & Son

Simon Barere Plays Liszt Concerto No. 1, Finale: Allegro marziale animato (segment)

Boris Barere Plays Schumann's Symphonic Etudes; Variations 16,17, and 18.


CD/DVD 124
Simon Barere-Boris Barere,
Father & Son

A historically significant release featuring NEVER-BEFORE-AVAILABLE performances by the legendary pianist Simon Barere of the Liszt Concerto No. 1, in E-flat major, recorded live 1948 at the Brooklyn Museum. Plus private home recording playing segments of works by Liszt, Scriabin and Chopin.

NEVER-BEFORE-RELEASED performances by his son Boris Barere playing Schumann Symphonic Etudes and four movements from Tchaikovsky’s Nut Cracker Suit.

A BUNUS DVD named “Reminiscences” where Boris Barere speaks about his father, life in Russia and his meetings with many historical music figures as Petri, Rachmaninoff, Heifetz, and many more.

Total CD playing time: 60:31

Total DVD playing time: 50:00

Price: $13.50

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