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Cembal d’amour mourns the passing of David Nadien-one of the very great violinists in recorded history.
He possessed an immaculate technical control and the most beautiful soulful and colorful tone.
He was also superbly intelligent and had a great sense of humor.
A giant in music and a good friend he will be greatly missed.

The David Nadien Collection
(9 CDs)





Cembal d'amour CD 111, David Nadien, Violin

PAGANINI: Moto Perpetuo

ELGAR: Salut d'amour


CD 111
David Nadien, Violin
Boris Barere, Piano
Romantic and Virtuoso Works from the Golden Age of the Violin

Works by: Elgar, Paganini, Massenet, Sarasate, Drdla, Kreisler, Raff, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Debussy, Kroll, Rubinstein, Vieuxtemps, and Fauré

Total playing time: 74:11

Price: $13.50


“David Nadien has developed into a musical giant. He demonstrated that when he played Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto with elegance and grace, a tone pure and silken, and a technique that was a marvel of dizzying leaps and lightening runs. During the long ovation that followed, conductor Leonard Bernstein embraced Nadien.”
Time Magazine 

“Mr. Nadien’s style, tone and technique are perfect.”
The New York Times

Cembal d'amour CD 117, David Nadien, Violin

SARASATE: Zigeunerweisen

KREISLER: Recitative and Scherzo, Op.6

KREISLER: Schön Rosmarin 

CD 117
David Nadien, Violin

Plays Romantic and Virtuosic Music, Vol. 2

Hungarian State Opera Orchestra Rudolph von Eltz, Conductor Boris Barere, Piano (tracks 5-13, 15) David Hancock, Piano (track 14) Samuel Sanders, Piano (track 16) Including Live Performances of works by Bruch, Sarasate and Kreisler

SARASATE: Zigeunerweisen (Gypsy Airs) BRUCH: Violin Concerto No. 1
TARTINI: Variations on a Theme by Corelli
VERACINI: Largo  KREISLER: Recitative and Scherzo, Op. 6
BEETHOVEN: Minuet in G major SCHUBERT: Serenade SCHUMANN: Träumerei  BRAHMS: Waltz in A DVORAK: Humoresque  RAVEL: Habanera 
WIENIAWSKI: Scherzo Tarentelle  KREISLER: Schön Rosmarin

Total playing time: 70:25

Price: $13.50

“There has never been a better performance of Kreisler’s Caprice Viennois or Raff’s Cavatina. This is simply gorgeous playing, of a kind never heard these days.”
Donald R. Vroon
American Record Guide

Cembal d'amour CD 125, David Nadien, Violin/Emanuel Vardi, Viola/Jascha Silberstein, Cello

MOZART: Divertimento in E-Flat Major. 6th Movement-Allegro

VIVALDI: The Four Seasons, Winter, ll Largo

VIVALDI: The Four Seasons, Winter, lll Allegro


CD 125
David Nadien, Violin Emanuel Vardi, Viola/Conductor Jascha Silberstein, Violoncello

The Strings of the Kapp Sinfonietta, with Igor Kipnis, Harpsichord

MOZART: Divertimento in E-flat Major, for Violin, Viola and Violoncello, KV 563

VIVALDI: The Four Seasons

Total playing time: 75:01

Price: $13.50


Cembal d'amour CD/DVD 130, David Nadien, Violin

RAVEL: Tzigane (Segment)

GLAZUNOV: Concerto in A minor (Segment)

TCHAIKOVSKY: Concerto in D Major (Segment)

SAINT-SAENS: Havanaise (Segment)


CD/DVD 130
David Nadien, Violin

André Kostelanetz, Conductor
The New York Philharmonic,

(11 February, 1967)
RAVEL: Tzigane

Sylvan Schulman, Conductor
Great Neck Symphony Orchestra

( 1965)
GLAZUNOV: Concerto in A minor, Op. 82
SAINT-SAENS: Havanaise, Op. 83

Leonard Bernstein, Conductor
The New York Philharmonic

(8 October, 1966)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Concerto in D Major,
Op. 35

CD Playing Time: 72:28
DVD Playing Time: 68:00

Price: $13.50



"Nadien, who plays in the Heifetz style, has a cult-like status among cognoscenti who savor marvelous fiddlers. "

Cembal d'amour CD 137, David Nadien, Violin

BEETHOVEN: Violin Concerto in D Major First Movement, Allegro ma non troppo(segment)

BEETHOVEN: Violin Concerto in D Major, Third Movement, Rondo (segment)

MENDELSSOHN: Violin Concerto in E Minor. First Movement, Allegro molto appassionato (segment)

MENDELSSOHN: Violin Concerto in E minor. Third movement, Allegretto non troppo- Allegro molto vivace (segment)



CD 137
David Nadien, Violin

Never-Before-Available Live Performances of the Beethoven and Mendelssohn Violin Concertos.

The Beethoven Concerto was recorded at a live concert at Carnegie Hall, 10 November 1952 (David Nadien was 26 years old)

Leon Barzin conducting the National Orchestral Association

The Mendelssohn Concerto was recorded live with the Chappaqua Chamber Orchestra conducted by Wolfgang Schanzer. 3 May, 1975

Total playing time: 67:31

Price: $13.50


Cembal d'amour CD 140, David Nadien, Violin

BEETHOVEN: Rondo-Allegro from the Sonata in D Major, Op. 12, No. 2 (segment)

VIEUXTEMPS:: Adagio from the Concerto in A minor, Op. 37, No. 5

SCHUMANN-KREISLER: Fantasia (segment)



CD 140
David Nadien, Violin

The Legendary Violinist David Nadien in the Memorable 1973 Town Hall Recital With Samuel Sanders, Piano

Recorded live on January 17, 1973 Town Hall, New York City

1. TARTINI-KREISLER:: Fugue in A Major 2-8.

2-8. BEETHOVEN: Sonata in D Major, Op. 12, No. 1

9-11. VIEUXTEMPS: Concerto in A Minor, Op. 37, No. 5

12. J.S. BACH: Chaconne (From the Partita No. 2 in D Minor, BWV 1004)

13. SCHUMANN-KREISLER: Fantasia in C Major, Op. 131 13:13


14. WIENIAWSKI: Scherzo Tarentelle
15. VERACINI: Largo
16. KREISLER: Schön Rosmarin

Total playing time: 74:02

Price: $13.50


BRAHMS: Violin Concerto in D Major,
Allegro giocoso, ma non troppo (segment)

BRAHMS: Double Concerto for Violin and Cello in A Minor, Andante (segment)

CD 146
David Nadien, Violin
Nadien Plays Brahms

Mr. Nadien is joined for the Double Concerto performance with the great cellist Leonard Rose. This is the only recording in existence in which these two great musicians collaborated.

The Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra
(Recorded live in the summer of 1973)
BRAHMS: Violin Concerto in D Major,
Op. 77

(Composed in 1878; published in 1879;
dedicated to Joseph Joachim)

Stratford Festival Orchestra
(Recorded live on 18 July, 1968)
BRAHMS: Double Concerto for Violin
and Cello in A Minor, Op. 102

(Composed in 1887; published in 1888)

Total playing time: 69:37

Price: $13.50

“Once again David Nadien demonstrated that he is an artist worthy to be ranked with the greatest. In a stunning performance of the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, Nadien was a wonder of technical virtuosity coupled with a warm singing tone.  How fortunate we are to have him!”
Byron Belt
Newhouse Newspapers (1969)

David Nadien, Violin

FRANCK: Sonata for Piano and Violin in A Major, 2nd Movement-Allegro (segment)

DEBUSSY: Sonata for Violin and Piano, Intermede (segment)

FAURÉ: Berceuse   (segment)

CD 151
David Nadien, Violin


Destined to become a collectors’ sought after  recording, the legendary violinist David Nadien in the long out-of print and never available before on CD studio recordings as well as a live recording of the Rachmaninoff-Heifetz “Daises”  together with an historically significant collaboration with the  great violinist Ruggiero Ricci in the Porkofieff Sonata for two violins.

CÉSAR FRANCK: Sonata for Piano and Violin in A Major
Dedicated to Eugène Ysaye
(Recorded 1968, New York)

CLAUDE DEBUSSY: Sonata for Violin and Piano
(Recorded 1968, New York)

GABRIEL FAURÉ: Berceuse                                
(Recorded 1968, New York)

(Transcription by Jascha Heifetz)
(Recorded live 1970, Mohawk Trails, MA)


SERGEI PROKOFIEFF: Sonata for Two Violins, Op. 56
(Recorded 1970, New York)

Total playing time: 54:51

Price: $13.50


CD 161 David Nadien, Violin

Saint-Saëns: Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso in A Minor, Op. 28 (segment)

Sarasate: Navarra for Two Violins (segment)                

Chausson: Poem for Violin and Orchestra (segment)



CD 161
David Nadien, Violin

The Legendary Violinist David Nadien in Live and Never-Before-Available Exceptional Performances!

Barry Finclair, Violin/Viola (tracks 1-6 and 8)
Jonathan Feldman, Piano (tracks 7 and 8)
American Ballet Theater Orchestra
conducted by Akiro Endo (track 9)

Tracks 1-8 Recorded April 17, 1977, L’Ensemble, New York.
Track 9 Recorded July 10, 1974, for the Ballet
“Le Jardin aux Lilacs,” New York.

1. Handel-Halvorsen: Passacaglia for Violin and Viola in G Minor                    
2-6. Mozart: Duo for Violin and Viola  in B-flat Major,  K. 424                                                                    
7. Saint-Saëns: Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso
in A Minor, Op. 28                                              

8.  Sarasate: Navarra for Two Violins, Op. 33                

9.  Chausson: Poem for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 25  

Total playing time: 53:58

Price: $16.50

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