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Beethoven String  Trios

Trio No. 1 in G Major, Adagio

Trio No. 1 in G Major, Presto

Trio No. 3 in C Minor, Allegreto con spirito



Cembal d'amour, CD 165
Erick Friedman, Violin
Emanuel Vardi, Viola
Jascha Silberstein, Cello

Beethoven’s 3 String Trios Opus 9

Trio No. 1 in G Major
Trio No. 2 in D Major
Trio No. 3 in C Minor

Three legendary string players collaborated in a 1977 performance which can be considered the ultimate in playing of great beauty and refinement.

Violinist Erick Friedman was the celebrated Jascha Heifetz student and recorded with his teacher for RCA. Emanuel Vardi was widely regarded as one of the greatest viola players in history and cellist Jascha Silberstein was the first cellist of the Metropolitan Opera for 30 years and had a distinguished solo career as well.

Total playing time: 71:06

Price: $13.50

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